The seasons change, and with these changes, there come unique responsibilities for car owners. The cold winter weather can mean heavy snow and ice on the roads while summertime means long drives in scorching weather. When the weather shifts, so do the needs of your vehicle. Our service center has what your vehicle needs to run its best no matter the temperature outside. Why not take advantage of our deals on Toyota seasonal services to get your vehicle ready? Continue reading to learn more.

Recommended Seasonal Service near Maumee

With the winter fast approaching, you start thinking about exchanging coolants. Old and weakened coolant won't be helpful in the winter or the summer. Winter also mean you want to get the heating system and defrosters checked.

Warmer months lead to getting the air conditioner serviced, if necessary. And check the defrosters in the summer, too. Additionally, ask about summer accessories, such as dash screens and car covers. Hot sun rays can dull the interior.

How about your tires? There are different types of tires for both the winter and summer, ensuring your vehicle drives smoothly and safely. You want the best tires with the appropriate traction, and we can help you choose a set. Our Toyota certified team installs, rotates and balances tires.

Time to Catch Up on Services

Winter weather can lead car owners to put off essential services. Who wants to travel in the cold? In the summer, people become busy with vacations, holidays, and more. At some point, you have to play catch-up. At Jim White Toyota, we can accommodate scores of routine maintenance requests. Oil changes, fluid checks, tire rotations, brake inspections, and wheel alignments are only a fraction of the services available.

Our Toyota-certified technicians can perform other services listed in the owner's manual. They can handle extensive work, such as water pump installations, switching old hoses and belts for news ones, and replacing the brakes. Our team specializes in Toyota cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

Schedule an appointment in Toledo to get your vehicle running like new.

And take advantage of our seasonal service deals. We try to make the offers as competitive as possible.

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