The spring equinox marks our transition away from winter, and that means the time has come to check your vehicle again. Springtime in Ohio means warming temperatures, and melting snow and rainfall can make roads slick. Staying prepared for these changes is therefore a must if you want to continue driving safely, and Jim White Toyota is happy to help!

Three Ways to Maintain Your Vehicle in the Springtime

Spring cleaning applies to more than just your home. Doing a personal inspection while you tidy up your vehicle is an effective way to catch any potential issues. Below are three things to look for as you clean.

01. Check Your Fluids — Many automotive components need fluids to operate properly. For instance, your engine needs oil to act as a lubricant for its cogs and gears. Left unchecked, the oil can eventually accumulate dirt and debris, turning into a sludge-like substance that does more bad than good. It is for this reason you should not only check that your car, truck, or SUV has the right amount but the quality of your engine oil. To find out the right intervals for when to re-fill or replace power steering, coolant, brake and other fluids, refer to your owner's manual.

02. Check Your Tires — Your tires are what connect your vehicle to the road, so they naturally sustain the most wear and tear. That is why we recommend checking your tire pressure and tread every month. If the pressure is low, fill it up to the ideal levels outlined in your manual. If you notice any damages like cuts or the rubber thinning out, consider replacing your tires. You should also rotate your tires routinely.

03. Check Your Car Parts — The cold weather in winter can wreak havoc on the parts in your vehicle. Take the battery as an example. It takes more energy to start the ignition in cold weather, and the extra current can drain your battery power. Belts and hoses are another example. Colder temperatures can harden rubber compounds and cause cracks and leaks. To prevent an automotive malfunction, we suggest examining these features carefully.

Schedule a Service Appointment with Our Experts

If you would rather have an inspection done by a professional, then please do not hesitate to reach out to our Toledo service center. You can schedule your maintenance appointment today through our site! With the Jim White Toyota team by your side, you can drive throughout the year with confidence.

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